O-ring Prüflabor Richter recently recieved its approval for DVGW testings. This approval contains both, testings in the field of gas (DIN EN 549, DIN EN 682, technical rule VP 406) and water (DIN EN 681 , technical rule W 534-10.3-Elastomers). During an audit on August 6th 2009 , Mrs. Renata Schmitt and Mr. Volker Probst confirmed the accordance to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 17025 and briefed Mr. Richter and his deputy Mr. Reiner in the responsibility of being a DVGW testing lab. One of those is the collaboration in special committees where the O-Ring prüflabor, with its vendor independence , know-how of more than 15 years in business and more than 1000 failure analyses, is going to participate regularly.

This picture shows the DVGW auditors Mrs. Schmitt and Mr. Probst, Mr. Richter (on the right) and his deputy Mr. Reiner (on the left)