O-Ring Prüflabor Richter

Accresitation as DVGW-Test-Laboratory received

The O-ring test laboratory Richter has received the accreditation as DVGW-testing centre. It involves test from the gas (DIN EN 549, DIN EN 682, Technische Regel G5406) and water sector (DIN EN 681 or Technische Regel W 534-10.3-Elastomere). On the 6th of August 2009 in the context of an audit of DVGW-cert, Mrs. Renata Schmitt and Mr. Volker Probst declared the conformity with the requirements according to DIN EN ISO 17025 and introduced the head of the laboratory Bernhard Richter and his deputy Georg Reiner to the responsibility of a DVGW-testing-centre. A part of this responsibility is the cooperation in expert committees where the O-ring test laboratory wants to play a part especially with its O-ring-know-how which is independent from manufacturers and gained by application-technical experience, by over 10 years of testing activity, and by approx. 1000 conducted failure analyses.

After working for a leading O-ring manufacturer for 10 years, Dipl.-Ing. Bernhard Richter founded the O-ring test laboratory in 1996. In December 2002 the initial accreditation according to DIN EN ISO17025 followed. The company founder became known especially for his publications on the topic long-term behaviour of O-rings or on the topic failure analysis and for his practice-oriented sealing seminars. Far more than 1000 companies from almost all areas of application of elastomer seals have meanwhile used the range of services of the O-ting test laboratory. The strongest-selling customers from these companies are those belonging to the automotive industry.

The online-article of the DVGW CERT GmbH (German) can be read here

The picture shows the two DVGW-auditors Renata Schmitt and Volker Probst (centre), framed by Georg Reiner (left) and Bernhard Richter on a tour of the company.