Measurement of Electrical Properties of Elastomers

The following electrical measurements are performed at the O-Ring-Test-Laboratory Richter GmbH:

  • Measurement of volume resistance and volume resistivity on sheet material (minimum size 80×80×2)
  • Measurement of surface resistance and surface resistivity on sheet material
  • Measurement of resistance on test sheets and finished parts, also in combination with immersion tests
  • Measurement of resistance on test sheets and finished parts under deformation/stress
  • Measurement of potential difference according to DBL5527 analogous to DIN 50918
  • Measurement of conductivity (insulation effect) according to DBL5527

Measuring instruments:

  • Milli-TO3 (Fischer Elektronik)
    • Resistance measuring range: 1x10-5 Ohm to 1,6x1015 Ohm, Metering voltage: 1-500V adjustable
  • Measuring probe FE50 (Fischer Elektronik)
  • Benning IT 101
    • Resistance measuring range 0-20GOhm
    • Test voltage 50/100/250/500/1000V
    • Measuring range voltage 0-600V


DIN ISO IEC 60093, ASTM D4496, ASTM D257, DBL 5527, SAEJ1645