ISO 3601-5

With the new edition of the standard ISO 3601-5 in April 2015 it has been achieved to define a standard for material formulations and requirements of finished parts on an international level. The O-Ring-Test-Laboratory Richter offers these conformity tests for O-rings /table 2) and formulations (table 3 NBR 70 S and NBR90 S; table 4 NBR 75 P and NBR 90 P; table 5 HNBR 75 and HNBR 90; table 6 FKM 70, FKM 75, FKM 80 and FKM 90; table 7 VMQ 70; table 8 EPDM 70 S and EPDM 80 S; table 8 EPDM 70 P and EPDM 80 P; table 9 ACM 70).

Compression set tests are performed daily to safeguard the degree of cross linking directly on finished parts. At three hardness measurement stations laser-led tables for the centric positioning of O-rings under the penetrator are used for the hardness test on O-rings.

Further information about this standard can be found in the scientific paper “The O-Ring as Standardized Rubber Component.”