You can register for our seminars online or invite us to present a seminar at your company with your individual requirements. These seminars cover a variety of subjects such as, for example, “Elastomeric Materials and Seals”.

Elastomer materials and seals

This course imparts basic knowledge about technical elastomer materials and their use as seals. Influences are pointed out which can be decisive for the function of the components in practical use. An introduction to the most important test methods followed by a laboratory tour concludes the seminar.

O-ring seals - dimensioning, operational limits and applications

In this seminar we will not only cover how O-ring installation spaces should be designed, but also why this should be the case and how to evaluate deviations. In addition, low and high temperature limits of O-rings as well as realistic service life expectations are discussed. Finally, we will provide many important application advices for different applications.

Testing of elastomer seals

This seminar introduces the most important test procedures for incoming goods and qualification tests. In addition, there will be an opportunity to get to know the application of the test procedures in an accredited test laboratory.

Failure analysis of elastomeric seals

To ensure reliable identification of the cause of a failure, it is important to identify the logic of the failure through all available information and a systematic analysis of the damage pattern. Therefore, the typical material analysis methods represent only one part of the seminar content. The main focus is on the interpretation of damage patterns which is illustrated by examples of more than one hundred damage cases.

Quality of elastomer products - from the mixture to the finished part

This seminar provides a well-founded overview of the complete production chain of technical elastomer parts. Special attention is given to the component quality, meaning the process steps that are particularly critical for the quality of the end product are specifically identified. Reasons for the particular complexity of elastomer processing as well as the handling of this ...